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June 4, 2012

It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  So it is with the Republicans or anybody that believes in trickle down economics.  The rich have not created jobs from 2000 to 2008 and all their money can not replace the buying demand of the middle class who have lost jobs and the ability to borrow against their homes.  The lament was loud and wide for only 69,000 reported jobs growth in May yet here in California where gas is $4.15 for regular almost $.60 higher than the national average, the economy seems to be picking up. 

In, California, the limited housing inventory coupled with job growth in certain sectors is driving up home purchase prices and rents in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  Unemployment and housing growth are linked together.  As people become more secure with jobs, their income enables the ability to buy.  I know the banks are sitting on inventory here and the foreclosure wave is just beginning to hit other neighborhoods across the country.

So while the economy bubbles along, the rich continue to play with other people’s money and create nothing.  Sometimes I ponder, at least in the days of Carnegie and Rockefeller, the rich used their foundations to help their tax status and the masses benefitted.  Today, what has Romney given back? What foundation does Romney support?  How has Romney helped those less fortunate?   Until the middle class and the working poor team together to forge some economic and political change, the might of the rich on our political process will continue to strangle our country.

Only the rich will be able to afford college. With fewer jobs, America will be like cities in Europe with the young revolting with nothing to do.  What will create growth and a more global mindset?  Even China and India are slowing down, so what is the answer?  There are pockets of growth throughout the country but until and unless the rich in Congress see the benefit of taxing themselves for the benefit of the country, little will change unless we vote these millionaires out of office.

For real change, people need to become uncomfortable but materialism still holds the public’s fancy.  Things over rights numb people to organizing for change and real progress.  I know that what Romney is advocating has not worked and will not work.  Romney has benefitted from the current policies and for his own personal benefit seeks to continue and augment those policies, everyone else be damned.  What will it take for worldwide growth?  What will it take for worldwide progress and peace?

If you believe my friend, my personal Nostradamus, we are in our final days.  I’m not sure we are at Revelations yet, so let’s get the world economy started.



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